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Welcome to the French Café Meetup Group Jukebox, your ultimate French-speaking music experience! Whether working at home, relaxing, entertaining friends, studying, reading a book, or sitting in a cafe with your laptop, now you can listen to more than 20 hours of carefully selected music from more than 100 French-speaking artists, bands and DJ's! Just try one of our French Café mixes and discover new musical horizons!

How it works: click twice to start a mix. Tracks are randomly organized and played (within the same list of songs) every time you load the French Café Jukebox page. To help you discover the French-speaking music world, all our mixes will be changed and updated several times a year. Happy listening! (Mixes were updated in January 08 - next update: April 08)
-Céleste, David, Jean-Louis-
Your French Café organizers.

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MIX #1: Discovery

Discover the world of French-language music through different
styles, from the 1940's to today!
Tracks: 86 - Artists: 86.
Click here for the detailed song list of this mix

Mix #2: Classics

This mix contains 55 great songs that have endured as classics.
Tracks: 56 - Artists: 39.
Click here for the detailed song list of this mix

MIX #3: Love Songs

This is a balanced mix of famous love songs performed by a
variety of French-Speaking artists.
Tracks: 46 - Artists: 30.
Click here for the detailed song list of this mix

Mix #4 : Club

Step inside the hottest club and onto the dancefloor with this selection of the best DJ's and electronic bands from the French-speaking world! Tracks: 45 - Artists: 26.
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MIX #5: Celeste's Mix

"My musical tastes might seem a bit random because I match it
to my mood. What is good for snowboarding on a windy day just won't work for falling in love or cleaning the bathroom. I really appreciate solid writing and interesting, layered lyrics but good music transcends language. So I included tracks and mixes by Francophone DJs and singers who don't restrict themselves to
the French language. I hope something in my playlist inspires
you (and not just to clean!)" -Celeste
Tracks: 46 - Artists: 24.
Click here for the detailed song list of this mix

MIX #6: David's Mix

"I enjoy emotional performers and powerful lyrics ("textes engagés"). I also like the energy coming out of more instrumental or rap songs. I listen to my MP3 player everywhere I go, so music
is an important part of my daily life." -David
Tracks: 46 - Artists: 23.
Click here for the detailed song list of this mix

MIX #7: Jean-Louis' Mix

"My musical choices are modern and eclectic, and range from electronica to chanson, from Raï to hip hop. Some songs are in Arabic, some in English, and most are in French. Regardless of
the language they come wrapped in, all the tracks testify to the diversity and richness of contemporary French music. In a word, today, French music rocks in all styles and all languages! (and as a bonus, I added a couple of classics!)" -Jean-Louis
Tracks: 45 - Artists: 38.
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Friday, September 21, 2007

-Celeste, David, Jean-Louis-


Madeleine said...

Yay! This was such a good idea!

Sophie said...

Super idée, et fabuleuse ergonomie (encore un coup d'apple?)...

J'ai decouvert des artistes que je ne connaissais pas, merci!

J'ai une bonne collection de musique francaise à la maison, si vous voulez enrichir vos playlists, n'hesitez pas!

Bonne journée


Geb said...

Très bonnes sélections, variées, pour tous les gouts (ma préférée revient à Jean-Louis ;-).

Par contre, Carla Bruni, j'adhère pas. Elle a peut-être des textes intéressants mais sa voix est une insulte à la musique.
Enfin, c'est juste mon avis ;-)